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Dasher in the News

September 1 2009 - Digital Planet, BBC has a long feature on Dasher being adapted for use with a mobile phone tilt sensor by Kevin from IBM Hursley. The Dasher segment is from minute 9.00 to 15.00 in the show.

July 13, 2006 - Techdigest: Dasher, A Flasher Way To Write

8 February 2006 Dasher in ‘Shambles’ newsletter. (Shambles is an electronic newsletter for international schools.)

January 2006: `VIM' press release by Cambridge Engineering Department

Sat 14/1/06 Learn 4 Life featured Dasher on their front page, including a 12-minute video.

January 2005: Dasher is part of the winning entry in the NESTA Futurelab Design Challenge 2005. This page has video. The project with Dasher in it is called Kampus.

Jan 2005: Dasher was featured in `art_meets_media' event in Japan

Nov 2004: mentions Dasher among other exciting Cambridge innovations

October 2004: Mick Donegan’s presentation of the DECO project (Dasher Eye Control Optimisation Project) at the ISAAC conference in Natal, Brazil, won the award best platform presentation.

August 17 2004. Dasher is mentioned in a news article about Seth Carey, a person living with ALS.

November 2003: Linux magazine
October 2003: Linux User (German)

Linux User & Developer (issue 32) has a three-page spread on Dasher (p69-71). Also, the EXPO review on page 32 says `many visitors were particularly impressed by Dasher, a truly innovative piece of software that few had known about before.' Dasher will be on their cover CD in a future issue.

Linux Magazine also has a brief mention of Dasher, and a screen shot: `Rising stars: The highlights of the show for me were the dasher project and the unbelievable small firewall hardware.' (138K pdf)

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Nature Science update Thu 22/8/02

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Slashdot discussion of dasher Wed 26/6/02 (image) (caused 500,000 visits to the Dasher site!) .

Dasher on (was on front page on Sat Jul 20 2002)

21 May 2002: put Dasher on their front page

20 May 2002: IT week

9 May 2002: Ability magazine - `Dashed different' by John Willis

The Financial Times, February 2002

New Scientist, 9/5/2002

Managed creatively to modify dasher’s display so that the letters are no longer in alphabetical order.

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