Dasher v6

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An information-efficient text-entry interface driven by natural continuous pointing gestures, or alternative input methods such as headmouse, gaze and switch input

Dasher, originally developed by the inference group at Cambridge University has been a popular and very fast text writing system for all people but particularly useful for those with disabilities who use it as a means of communicating in speech and in writing.

The project is having a complete rewrite which we hope will have far reaching outcomes - a highly efficient language model (making word & letter prediction faster), easier to manage across different platforms and easier for third party developers to integrate. Interested in helping us? See the community pages for how you can and take an eye on the blog.

Latest Dasher Updates

A new website is here

The dasher v6 project begins publicly on the web

So a group of us have been working on Dasher v6 for a little while now - and we figured its about time to get something out there publicly about the inner workings of the project - so you can help out or just find out where this is all up to. The …

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Announcing Dasher-v6

Its a long road ahead - but we will get there

Steve Saling uses Dasher with a headmouse. Photo: Jesse Costa/WBUR History Dasher started life in the form of a prototype written in 1997 by David MacKay, who at the time was a lecturer in physics at the University of Cambridge. David had been …

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